Shipping on lake Zell

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You are planning a short break at Zell am See and are interested in a shipping tour on the lake Zeller See? In the following you will find all useful information about your planned boat trip.

The unparalleled views of the romantic mountain town of Zell am See and the breath-taking surrounding mountainside make hearts beat a little bit faster for those ones who take a Zell am See lake cruise. You can either discover the beautiful landscape by doing panorama cruises or by doing a simple lake crossing in order to quickly get to another village at lake Zell am See.

Our tip:

You can perfectly combine shipping cruises with a day trip on the Schmittenhöhe. What about a short hiking tour on the Schmitten offering wide views on the surrounding mountains, a stop at one of the huts where you can try regional dishes and a final panorama cruise in the afternoon? Have fun by exploring the region!


Schmitten fleet at lake Zell

Fleet of Schmittenhöhe

Which ships can I chose for a lake crossing or a panorama cruise at lake Zell?

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Couple at Zeller See

Prices & times

When do the cruises take place & how much is the ticket?

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You are planning an special event? Charter one of our ships!

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nostalgic cruises

Discover the nostalgic cruises at lake Zell!

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Couple enjoys a boat trip on Zeller See

Dining on bord

Enjoy food & drinks during a panorama-cruise!

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