Longest in the world

Funslope Schmitten XXL in Zell am See

1,300 meters long, the best of the best, the cat’s meow, gold standard, yardstick for all things and unique in the world. Snails, tunnels, waves and steep curves provide diversity and fast-changing variety. Beginners and advanced skiers alike have fun in equal measure, each at his own speed, with his own style. The objective is to experience your own personal "flow".


Chillout and relax

1,300 meters are not a cakewalk: whoever feels like taking a break, enjoys it to the hilt on the lounge chairs at the chill area, cool and cosy, watching the others do their stuff on skis. Or else you can practice a bit of precision snowball throwing - at a target.


Special No. 3: the Snowpark Zone

Got a hankering for freestyle? Right next to the Funslope is a snowpark zone with a series of butter boxes, wave boxes and kickers. Ideal for your first moves into the world of freestyle. And also for advanced freestylers there is plenty to do. For that, a curved box, industry pipes and a jib boom, as well as a variety of rails and kickers in the medium area answer your needs. You zip back up topside comfortably and swiftly with a drag lift, but then you have to decide: Funslope, snowpark or (why not?) both of them, on after the other.


Funslope XXL News 2014

New routing of the longest Funslope in the world guarantees even more fun and variety. The run through the forest is now twice as long as last year and there are new sound elements. 

NEW: Get your Funslope Action-Video via SpotOn.

Snowpark Schmitten in Zell am See

Discover the Schmitten Snowpark and its obstacles and try them out yourself!