Funslope: The Longest in the world

Funslope Schmitten XXL in Zell am See

Length does matter! At least when it has to do with Funslopes – the longer the Funslope, the longer one can enjoy fun elements such as snails, tunnels and steep curves. Extra riding pleasure is guaranteed! The Funslope on the Schmittenhöhe is the longest in the world up until now!

Do you want to have fun and action on one or two planks? Then the Schmitten Funslope is exactly right for you! Its versatility is special as it allows every rider to do the run in personal style at his/her own speed. The various elements are designed to suit beginners as well as advanced Winter athletes and guarantee an extremely diversified and exciting time!

Funslope XXL

With an unbelievable length of 1,300 m, the Schmitten Funslope has earned the title of the – longest Funslope in the World – and guarantees burning thighs by the end of the course. The run begins with a series of snow elements such as a snail, a tunnel, waves and steep curves. The run through the forest is unique and one remembers the good old „Waldwegerl“ (forest paths). For the first time this year sensory stimuli, through extra sound elements, have been added to the Funslope experience. The Sound Speed Booster and the Sound High Five Hand make appropriate sounds when you ride over them and promise a sonorus downhill run. xes and kicker

COOL APP: Get your Funslope Action-Video via SpotOn.

Ready, steady – app

With the SpotOn-Video app one becomes the skistar of a personal actionclip on the worlds longest Funslope at the Schmitten! Download the free app and let’s go! 

Snails, tunnels, waves, steep curves – and you are in the thick of it! The latest innovation of the 1,300 m long Funslope at the Schmittenhöhe is called SpotOn. Via GPS-tracking and six fix installed cameras along the slope this mobile video-system allows to create a videoclip automatically. After the arrival at the finish, the clip will be send directly to the smartphone. Optional the actionclip can be downloaded in HD-quality. The Video also contains interesting information about the speed and the date of recording at the longest Funslope in the world.

Get the free app for Android & iPhone!


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