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Check-In, Ski & Win

1st Digital Ski-Opening

This event is rescheduled to an as yet unknown date!!!

„Check-in, Ski & Win“ – This is the slogan of a sightly different kind of Ski-Opening in the Panorama & Family Ski Area Schmittenhöhe this winter-season. Far away from loud party music and big crowds, Austria's first digital Ski-Opening focuses on the fun of skiing. And it takes the form of a challenge in which you collect various digital badges throughout the Schmittenhöhe ski area. With a little luck you have the chance to win unique 'money can't buy prizes'.

Here's how it works:

  1. Download the Skiline App.

  2. Check in with your ski pass ID-number.

  3. Register for the "Check-in, Ski & Win - Challenge".

  4. Collect at least 5 badges and have the chance to win unique prizes. Let's go skiing!

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