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Season ticket pre-sale Winter 2021/22

Information, you receive when purchasing a Ski ALPIN CARD

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, in implementation of the COVID-19 protective measures issued by the Federal Government, the transport ticket from the entry into force of the respective ordinance only entitles the passenger to use the cable car system
in connection with a valid proof
of a low epidemiological risk in accordance with the respective ordinance (vaccinated or recovered).

In the event that the duration of the transport ticket (annual ticket, season ticket, weekly ticket, etc.) is valid beyond the period of validity of this medical proof, it is the sole responsibility of the passenger to extend this proof in good time before expiry and to present it for inspection.
In the case of purchase for third parties, this ticket may only be passed on to those persons who, at the time of use, have the necessary valid proof of low epidemiological risk. 

If a passenger cannot or does not want to comply with COVID-19 protective measures prescribed by the authorities, the operator of the facility is obliged to refuse carriage. A claim for a (pro-rata) refund cannot be asserted in these cases.

When purchasing a season ticket, you are asked to confirm the following points:

  • I have taken note of the above reference to the COVID-19 regulations regarding cable car and ski operations for 2021/22. 
  • I am aware that I am obliged to comply with the applicable legal/official requirements of use for the purchased season ticket or yearly ticket and that the use could be limited, reduced or not possible at all during certain time periods. 
  • If the ticket is passed on, I will check whether the person receiving it has the necessary valid evidence of a low epidemiological risk at the time of use.