Getting through the summer safely together

Stay safe, stay Schmitten...

Guidelines for a safe and unforgettable summer-season on the Schmittenhöhe.

Find out now what to consider when hiking in times of Corona and let your anticipation grow!

For a safe together

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Lift Companies - General information and organisation

  • Signposts and information points in the area: These outline our Code of Conduct for the lifts and throughout the area.
  • Masks and tubular scarves (FFP): The wearing of an FFP is obligatory in the appropriately marked areas (see also below).
  • Hand hygiene: We have installed sufficient hand disinfection facilities in the indoor areas of the lift stations.
  • Number of people: Since cable cars are a means of public transport, it is not necessary to reduce the number of people when wearing an FFP and ventilating the cabins accordingly, but when passenger volume is low, we will endeavour to limit numbers in the lifts. An FFP must always be worn when in a lift.
  • Disinfection measures: We will disinfect lifts regularly. Disinfection measures are also carried out regularly in elevator lifts, escalators, sanitary facilities and first aid rooms.
  • Information Schmittenhöhebahn: As already communicated under the point number of people, cable cars are a means of public transport and if the FFP is worn and the cabins are adequately ventilated, it is not necessary to reduce the number of people. But we adapt the number of transports to the current situation and therefore transport max. 30 people / ride. In addition, the travel time is kept very short at around 6 minutes!



In closed rooms such as cable cars, Infocenter a distance of at least
one meter must be kept and a mouth-nose-protection mask must
to be worn.



Outdoor a distance of at least one meter must to be kept. 



When entering the valley station it is recommended
to disinfect your hands.



We ask for cashless payment via automatic machines
or Web:



Washing your hands regularly protects both you and others.