Fleet Zell am See

Whicht ship you want to take for a cruise on lake Zell?

During the summer months four boats of the Zell fleet weigh anchor on Lake Zell.

As early as April, the MS Schmittenhöhe – the treasured pearl of the lake – sets out on the first panorama cruises. Other cruises on the Kaiserin Elisabeth are launched in July and August. Lake crossovers on the MS Grossglockner start in mid-May.

All boats of the Lake Zell fleet can also be chartered for exclusive events and special occasions, weddings and other celebrations.

MS Schmittenhöhe

Used for: panorama-cruises & charter-cruises
Year of Construction / Performance: 2005 / 495 hp
Length / Breadth / Draft: 35m / 7.60m / 1.20m
Capacity: 255 Pax
Seating Lower Deck: 90
Seating Upper Deck: 55
Seating Open Deck: 70
Seating Sundeck-Lounge: 40
Amenities: Presentation equipment (projection screen, sound system, microphone, projector)
Accessibility: Main deck is wheelchair accessible

Prices panorama-cruises

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Kaiserin Elisabeth

Used for: panorama-cruises & charter-cruises
Year of Construction / Performance: 1972 / 147 hp
Length / Breadth / Draft:​ 20m / 4.50m / 0.80m
Capacity: ca. 80 Pax
Seating Inside: 45
Seating Oustide: 35

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MS Großglockner

Used for: lake crossings & charter-cruises
Year of Construction / Performance: 1966 / 147 hp
Length / Breadth / Draft:​ 17.90m / 3.80m / 0.80m
Capacity:​ 80 Pax

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Nostalgieschiff Libelle

Used for: charter-cruises
Year of Construction / Performance: 1947 / 90 hp
Length / Breadth / Draft:​ 17.90m / 3.80m / 0.80m
Capacity:​ 30 Pax

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