A strong rope

How to connect two ends of a rope!

The rope for the new areitXpress is here !! A 10-axle sword transporter brought the rope by Fatzer AG Wire Ropes with a length of 3,800 meters, 56 mm diameter and 46 tons weight to Zell am See.

Following delivery of the 46-ton, 3800-meter long hoisting cable for the new areitXpress, the process to swage and splice the cable was immediately initiated. In splicing, the ends of the cable are interwoven in such a way that a smooth, continuous cable-line is created along which the cabins can be transported. This complex process requires time, know-how and manpower.

The cable for the areitXpress consists of 6 clusters, each of which accommodates 216 wires. The clusters are pried apart with a special tool in order to interweave the 6 ends of each wing.

Subsequently in the final stage, it is readjusted, i.e. re-tightened with a so-called crow’s foot {Seilspinne} in order to give the cable a longer service life. To this end, a finely fibred ribbon is fed into the space between the wire clusters in order to prevent the individual clusters from coming into contact with each other. The crew is occupied for a full two days in the splicing process.

The advantage which is gained is respectable:  unlike when using cable clamps, for example, the spliced cable remains lithe and elastic; moreover, it does not expand in diameter (detachable system).

The cable can then be fitted onto the pylons and undertake its primary role of transporting people and material. The 85 cabins of the new areitXpress will later be whisked along the cable at a velocity of 6 meters per second.