Let's go for a hike!

Autumn time is hiking time on the Schmitten

Spend your autumn hiking on the Schmitten. Learn all about the most beautiful hiking trails and tours for unforgettable hours in Zell am See-Kaprun!

Autumn time is hiking time on the Schmitten

Whether a long hiking trail or adventure trail - a day off on the Schmittenhöhe makes every hiker's heart beat faster.


That's why autumn is the perfect time of year for hiking

There are many good reasons to use the third season for extensive hikes on the Schmittenhöhe. As an example, there is the golden landscape, which radiates so wonderfully in autumn unlike any other time of the year. The pleasantly mild temperatures that are not too hot and not too cold. Or the crisp, clear mountain air, which makes one’s breathing especially deep. And last but not least, the autumn sun which supplies hikers with that extra bit of energy.

And then there are the most beautiful hiking routes which invite families to discover the mountains together with young and old.

Pinzgauer walks

One of the most popular hiking trails on the Schmittenhöhe is undoubtedly the Pinzgauer walking path. This 25 kilometre long high-Alpine trail leads over the Pinzgauer Grass Mountains in the Southern Kitzbühel Alps. Enjoy beautiful natural landscapes and nature as far as the eye can see! The starting point of the hike is the Schmittenhöhe at 1,965 metres above sea level, and from there, the trail continues to the Kettingtörl, the Kettingkopf and to the Pinzgauer huts. Once there, treat yourself to a great refreshment.

The Pingzauer high-Alpine trail overview:

  • Starting point: Schmittenhöhe
  • Length: 25 kilometres
  • Difficulty: easy, well-marked path without major technical requirements
  • Duration: Experienced hikers master the Pinzgauer Walk easily in a day. All others can enjoy an overnight stay in one of the Alpine pastures along the


High-altitude promenade

On this adventure trail for the whole family, every year is different because the trail is regularly redesigned and thrills both big and little hikers. Many information panels along the way offer hikers fascinating insights into the nature, culture and history of the region. Carved wooden animals regularly make the children’s eyes light up and are the perfect motif for the family photo on the Schmitten. You can take a rest on one of the observation decks, all of which have a marvellous mountain panorama.

The high-altitude promenade at a glance

  • Starting point: Schmittenhöhe
  • Length: 2.35 kilometres
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Duration: approx. 1.5 hours

A tip for little explorers: Schmidolin’s hiking puzzle book

Hiking and puzzles - can there be a more exciting combination? Hardly! Good then that along the high-altitude promenade fascinating tasks are waiting to be solved by the little hikers. Learn more about Schmidolin’s hiking puzzle book here...


Autumn on the Schmitten tastes so fine. 
Those who opt for the high-altitude promenade should definitely include a refreshment stop in the restaurant Sonnkogel. The herbal restaurant menu is filled with local delicacies. These are all prepared according to old recipes and with much love by Chef Alfred Bürki. Thus, only the best products from the region end up in the pan refined with Alpine herbs, which can be marvelled at it in the Sonnkogel herb garden. Be sure to try the home-made herb lemonade, the wild herb salad, or Christian’s cranberry pancakes with buttermilk! 

For those who want to delve still deeper into the wonderful smelling and tasting world of herbs, take the opportunity to do so on the herbal hiking path. Learn more about the herbal hiking trail here...   

The anticipation of the next hiking day is growing and growing? Plan your day on the Schmittenhöhe and look forward to an autumn which will stay long in your and your loved ones memory!