Now we build it up!

Sustainability in the construction of the areitXpress

The construction of the areitXpress is in full swing with the environment always in focus. Read more now about bird protection, recycling and sustainability on the construction site!

The construction progress on the Schmitten can be particularly well viewed from the Areit car park. Those who come along with the whole family to watch the excavators will definitely not be disappointed. Moreover, because right next to the car park is a real summer highlight - the Schmitten E-Motocross Park with a children’s obstacle course, playground and snack bar.


The construction work at a glance

Along the route

There where the gondolas of the areitXpress float in November, we are busy with the pre-assembly of the structures. A structure consists of a supporting shaft, a cross-plate and a pulley battery over which the cables will run. The supports themselves will soon be transported soon by helicopter in parts onto the Schmitten. Then at the latest, you really should visit the Schmitten this summer.

Also, the cables along the cable tracks have already been installed. The total of 15,000 metres of cable for the signal and data connections will ensure smooth cable car operations in the future.

At the valley station

Meanwhile, the supporting frame is being eagerly mounted at the valley station of the areitXpress. Sitting on the supporting frame is the large pulley that allows a change in the direction of travel. Additionally, a hydraulic cable tensioner is mounted thereon which will keep the hoist cable always at the optimum tension.

Have you always wondered why the gondolas enter the station at a much slower speed? The answer is because of the coupling cable terminals, which are also now being assembled. These are de-coupled from the cable at the entrance to the station. Instead, the so-called station conveyors, which are rubber rings, guide the gondolas at low speed through the station. Thus, guests can get on in a relaxed manner.


At the mountain station

The excavation is making space for the new mountain station of the areitXpress, which is being constructed about 25 metres away from the old building. However, before that happens the heart of the cable car must be mounted - the drive, which consists of the motor, gearbox and brakes. Thus, the highest safety standards have been met.

Why is the motor installed in the mountain station and not in the valley? Because for cable car dynamic reasons, it is more energy and cost-efficient regarding the push and pull forces of the pulley. This saves energy and is therefore good for the environment.

Speaking of energy efficiency, sustainability and the environment play a significant role in the construction of the areitXpress. The Schmittenhöhe Cable Car AG was recently awarded for its ecological commitment. More information can be found in the article "Sustainability on the construction site of the areitXpress".