The construction continues!

The areitXpress Valley Station takes shape

Every day is different on the construction site of the areitXpress and not only is the construction of the new 10-seat single cable cars in full swing. Almost 17 weeks after the successful ground-breaking ceremony in April it’s now down to the nitty-gritty: the construction of the Valley Station.

Attentive readers already know this: sustainability and the environment are key factors in the entire construction of the areitXpress. Finally, nature should be the basis for your most beautiful holiday memories.

Thus, among other things, high regard for the flying inhabitants of the Schmitten has been considered with the cable car supports being painted green. Low-reflectivity and marked bird protection glass provides additional protection for the flying inhabitants of the Schmitten. Additionally, the green areas around the cable lines have been re-naturalised in the course of the renovation so that they are back to a near-natural state.

See: environmental awareness is considered throughout each stage of the construction of the areitXpress. Not without reason has the company received the EMAS award in June for the "Best Environmental Statement 2017

It's a matter of honour, as also with the new Valley Station has the idea of sustainability been a welcome building companion...

A lot comes anew, some things remain...

The station contains numerous new parts and also some existing, or more precisely some elements of the former the areitbahn cable car valley station. In this way, the existing cashier area, the sport shop level, as well as the InfoCenter are integrated into the ground floor of the new areitXpress Valley Station.

There from November, on the old-new ground floor, many winter sports enthusiasts will again look forward to a day skiing on the Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See-Kaprun.

Tip: Whoever simply can’t wait to see the Schmitten, can visit the areitXpress construction site - the best overview can be seen from the Areit car park. From there, you can also start out on wonderful hikes on the Schmittenhöhe.

But now back to the construction of the new areitXpress valley station. On top, above the old-new ground floor of the Valley Station, one of the most important components of the building will come (from a static perspective) - a concrete skeleton. This will carry the load of the new cable car and the roof construction... and should not be underestimated.

A roof overhead

Since there are not too many weeks left until the scheduled opening of the areitXpress in November, the Valley Station now gets its key piece - the roof. And its arch construction made of wood is a real highlight.

Hard facts about the new roof of the areitXpress Valley Station

  • Altogether, 300 cubic metres of wooden beams will be installed
  • The wooden beams have dimensions up to 20 x 140 cm
  • The longest continuous beam (the arch) is 70 metres long

Once the full wooden beam roof construction is in place, it will be covered with a thin membrane. As a matter of fact, an amazing 2,000 square metres of membrane are required for the entire Valley Station. With a weight of about 1.05 kilograms per square metre, it guarantees a tear resistance of 600 kilograms to five centimetres. And the membrane can do even more - in addition, it is namely flame retardant and non-drip when burning. Well, impressed? Us too!

You would like to know the status of the new cable car construction? Then read more here about how the areitXpress on the Schmitten starts to grow!