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AreitXpress construction site mountain station | © Schmittenhöhebahn AG

Make way!

Excavation & cable car station

The new mountain station of areitXpress is placed approx. 25 m in front of the existing building. This means that all possibilities are open to the future guests.

Demolition work at Areitbahn | © Schmittenhöhebahn AG

Demolition digger

The Areitbahn cable car is being dismantled

While the old the Areitbahn cable car gondolas are already making their way to South America, the demolition digger has arrived in Zell am See.


Dismantlement of the pillars



The old cabins of Areitbahn will be shipped!

Areitbahn - Removal of gondolas | © Schmittenhöhebahn AG


Commencement of  construction work for the new AreitXpress | © Schmittenhöhebahn AG

Groundbreaking ceremony

construction launched of the new areitXpress !

After wrapping up 29 successful years of service, the Areitbahn will be replacd by a 10-cable revolving system, thereby expanding transport capacity by 50 percent. At the groundbreaking ceremony on 24 April, the construction work was launched to create the new cablecar. It is expected to be completed as early as November of this year.