Rating: valuable artwork

Art on the Mountain on the Schmitten in Zell am See

Merging landscapes with the pleasures of art, that is something which was genuinely achieved on the Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See in the so-called "Gallery on the Ski-Slope - Art on the Mountain". Creatively designed works of art can be admired in the middle of the beautiful mountain landscape of Schmitten by natural and cultural enthusiasts in summer. This unprecedented project was launched in 1995 an has become an indispensable and integrated element on Zell's "backyard mountain". During the course of five symposiums, artists created more than 30 over-dimensional objects and sculputers. These works were then placed at strategic points throughout the ski area on the slopes and the hiking trails and currently from the basis for endless thought-provoking discussions about nature and art. The use of primarily local materials underscores the omnipresent harmony between nature and culture.

Outdoor art for hikers and sun worshipers

Through the cooperation and sponsoring support of associates and partners from the Zell am See/Kaprun region, Art on the Mountain has gradually become a major focal point of open-air art space in Europe. The art objects emenate an impression of being silent observers of the scene who nonetheless have their own stories to tell. Discovering them makes the hearts of visitors from far and near pulse a little bit faster. These art works have become fixed parts of the mountain, it is inconscionable to even consider removing them.

Fungi per tutti by Max Seibald

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