Herbal hiking trail

Herbal hiking trail and herbal cuisine at Sonnkogel on the Schmittenhöhe

Freely translated along the guidelines of  “getting back to nature”, this is where herbal cuisine and a meticulously laid-out roundabout trail with thematic boards meet, including a corner to savour, and at the smell station mountain-aroma small and big noses will learn more about the smell of mountain-pasture-hay, larch resin and moss. SEE, TASTE, SMELL and FEEL – young and old are cordially invited to linger awhile on the sunny side of the Schmitten and discover some brand new things.

Location and accessability

Die hiking tour on the herbal trail starts near the Sonnkogel Restaurant which can be easily reached by the Schmittenhöhebahn or the Sonnalm- und Sonnkogelbahn.


Discover & graze along the herbal hiking trail

Knowledge of herbs and herbal medicine

Did you know that  yarrow, according to legend, is purported to protect you from black magic? Or that ribwort is a tried-and-tested antidote for insect bites? Dandelions, nettles, etc. are used to make delicious dishes. At the Sonnkogel Restaurant you can taste your way through a whole series of specialties.

On the herbal hiking trail at the Sonnkogel Restaurant visitors will find alongside wild-growing herbs such as Arnika and St. John's wort also 4 big raised beds. Here there are growing the herbs for the tasty herb meals which you will get at Sonnkogel Restaurant. 


The project "Kraut & Ruam – herbal expierence at Sonnkogel" was honored in Summer 2016 with the Salzburger regionality price!


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