A mountain of lakes

The reservoirs: Plettsaukopf, Hirschkogel, Brunnermais

Whoever goes hiking on the Schmitten can’t help but walk past the 3 - or perhaps all 4 - reservoirs, each of which is linked to a special theme. It starts with the highest one, the Hirschkogel Reservoir, nicknamed the Lake of Tranquility. A bit further down you pass by the Brunnermais Reservoir, which is dubbed the Lake of Art - adorned with numerous art works from the five “Art on the Mountain” symposiums. The Schmitten’s biggest reservoir is located on the Plettsaukopf, and is dedicated to the whole family. There you will find a water-playground, a play boat, a sandbox and numerous opportunities to sit back and relax. The really large reservoir for the snowmaking machines in wintertime, however, lies at the foot of the Schmittenhöhe: Lake Zell. To visitors of the Schmitten, it is known as the Lake of Cruises.


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