Riding the wind

It’s not easy to pinpoint a better take-off spot for hang gliders and paragliders. The extraordinarily good thermal lift on the Schmittenhöhe offers truly ideal conditions for take-off. That means the Schmitten has long since lost its original identity as a secret tip, of course, today it numbers among the most desirable hotspots in the Alps.

Starting in about May, airbourne fans devote themselves to the unbounded pleasures of flying. The wide-ranging meadows all around the summit provide pilots with lots of elbow room to spread out their equipment and prepare for the launch. On the broad, generous grounds, they can whisk skyward in any direction they choose.

Good thermal lift at Schmittenhöhe

Trying out paragliding

Feeling good on the Schmitten is not just limited to practiced pros. Experienced tandem pilots accompany interested paraglider neophytes on an unforgettable flight down to the valley. Listed below are various partner-associates who will be happy to take you on a flying tandem journey.

AirStar Flugschule

Güterstraße 5D/42
5760 Saalfelden 

Tel.: Tel.: +43 (0) 650/50 10 102

Tandemflug mit AirTaxi

Sonnberg 1
5722 Niedernsill

Tel.: +43 (0) 664/97 68 835

Paragliding Zell am See

Einöd 6
5700 Zell am See

Tel.: +43 (0) 650/39 28 099

Tandemflug mit Sky 42

Kaprunerstraße 126
5721 Piesendorf

Tel.: +43 (0)664/24 21 484

Tandemflug mit Eagle Eye

Bachwinkl 120
5760 Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer

Tel.: +43 (0)664/83 47 051


Hang gliders, please take note:
In case of heavy frequency on the cablecars, transport of hang gliders can be briefly interrupted.

Thank you for your patience!


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