Jukeboxx: Sound Cable cars on the Schmitten!

Up the mountain in the Jukeboxx cabin with your favourite song

A new state-of-the-art lift with a bevy of innovations will transform your ascent and descent into a truly extraordinary experience. Guided by the motto “Welcome to First Class” the wider and longer cabins provide lots of space and loads of comfort to spread out in as guests are silently whisked along with a feeling of floating. Furthermore, the “zellamseeXpress” welcomes you with free-of-charge WI-FI connection in each cabin, along with a first-in-the-world novelty: a total of six Jukeboxx-cabins in which the cabin guests log into the free WI-FI with their smartphones and are automatically linked to the Jukeboxx app.

And then, it is all super-simple: select your favourite song, lean back, enjoy it!

New connection and new ski run: from the Schmitten into Glemm Valley

With the brand new zellamseeXpress, an old ski run which was used from 1930 until 1980 will be re-opened. Since winter 2014/15 the former downhill ski run has been used as a ski route to Viehhofen. The new 10-seater-cabins cablecar runs from a corner terminal above Viehhofen to the valley terminal on the Salersbachköpfl at 1920 m altitude (Section 2).

Starting in winter 16/17, a 3.5-km red downhill run will be equipped with artificial snowmaking facilities as far as the corner terminal. Thus, Schmitten guests have the possibility to peek ‘beyond the rim’ into the beyond!

Connection to Saalbach-Hinterglemm-Leogang-Fieberbrunn

Free ride back: the connection into Glemm Valley is still possible via the ski route to Viehhofen. The ski route ends in the Kreuzerlehengraben in Viehhofen. Bus number 680 goes from the bus stop Förstereck every hour from 9:41 until 18:41 to the valley terminal cityXpress. Ride time is about 30 minutes. For skiers with a valid ski pass, it is free of charge. * Admission to Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn is possible with a bus or taxi paid privately.

Glance into the future: in a second construction phase, the expansion of Section 1 down to the valley, from the corner station to Viehhhofen, is already planned. The grand opening of this direct connection from/into Glemm Valley is foreseen for winter 2019/2020.