The Schmittenhöhe for paragliders

The Schmittenhöhe for paragliders

Free as a bird above Zell am See

You have always been fascinated by the “captains of the clouds”? You regularly take off and dream about breath-taking flights through the air? The Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See is perfect for all those who would like to feel free as a bird! Find out what makes the “sun child” of the Alps so appealing to paragliders … 

The most important facts about paragliding on the Schmitten

The Pinzgau’s scenic-view mountain doesn’t only entice paragliders with a unique panorama of the surrounding mountains and Lake Zell but also with excellent thermal uplift. And that’s precisely what fans of the flying sport appreciate so much about the Schmittenhöhe! 

Hard facts about the sport: 

  • Start:     mountain station of the Schmittenhöhebahn at Elisabeth Chapel 
  • Finish:     meadow at the railway crossing Führt-Kaprun / Piesendorf landing site 
  • Tips:     parking available at the valley stations of the cable car facilities 
    special cable car tickets for paragliders 
    return to the cable car station by bus or carpooling 
  • Keep in mind:     sometimes there’s dense traffic up in the air 
    be especially mindful while approaching the airport near the landing site 

Unique thermal uplift on Zell’s landmark mountain 

What makes the Schmittenhöhe a hotspot for flying enthusiasts? The exceptional thermal uplift! It keeps paragliders and hang-gliders high up in the air for long periods of time. How? Thanks to the thermal uplift from the “Südostkessel” (south-eastern cauldron). From April to August, that’s particularly great for thermal flying and cross-country flying. Early starts no matter the supraregional weather conditions – what could be better?  Good to know: You can go paragliding on the Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See-Kaprun from February on. A flight over the snowy mountains sounds amazing, right? 

Flight preparations for the Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See

Be prepared for all eventualities! First things first: Inform yourself about your journey to Zell am See’s landmark mountain. You should also keep an eye on weather conditions and which lift facilities are open. The climate is especially important for a safe flight. Conclusive indicators are the west and north winds as well as the foehn. You can experience a bird’s eye view of a different kind by checking out the webcams on the Schmitten – for all those who would like to know beforehand what awaits them. 

Cable car tickets for paragliders and hang-gliders

The weather looks promising, your equipment is packed and you’re ready for your next flying adventure? Or it’s your first time ever? That’s great! You’re only a few steps away from Schmitten joy up in the air – or to be specific: from a cable car ride up the mountain. The Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See offers special tickets for all paragliders and hang-gliders. There’s no faster and more relaxed way to get up to the summit, that’s for sure! 

Keep in mind: In case of greater numbers of guests, transport of flying equipment might be temporarily halted. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding! 

Alternative activities to flying in Zell am See-Kaprun

Even flying enthusiasts might not want to spend all day up in the air. How great that there’s a multitude of activities you can do on the Schmitten or at the foot of Zell’s landmark mountain. Have some fun on two wheels, throw a disc into a basket or enjoy the atmosphere onboard a boat! The E-Motocross Park, the disc golf course and boat tours on Lake Zell are amazing alternatives to flying! 

Hiking is another option, of course – and it can be perfectly combined with paragliding. Your equipment strapped to your back, you can hike up the mountain before experiencing the joy and adrenaline rush of gliding back down into the valley. And in case the weather isn’t that great, the Schmitten offers a number of bad-weather alternatives as well. 

You’re looking for more detailed info about starting and landing as well as the paragliding course offers on the Schmittenhöhe? You’ll find it here …