Open facilities on the Schmittenhöhe
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Find here the open facilities and highlights on the summery Schmittenhöhe!

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Status Cable Car Facility type Open hours
closed 15 trassXpress Gondola
closed 1 areitXpress Gondola
closed 4 cityXpress Gondola
closed 7 Schmittenhöhebahn Mountain Cable Car
closed 8 Sonnenalmbahn Mountain Cable Car
closed 29 zellamseeXpress Sektion I Gondola
closed 28 zellamseeXpress section II Gondola
closed 2 Areitbahn II Gondola
closed 3 Areitbahn III Gondola
closed 5 Hirschkogel-Express 4 seater chair lift
closed 6 Breiteckbahn 6 seater chair lift
closed 9 Sonnkogelbahn 3-seater chair lift
closed 10 Sonnengratbahn 4 seater chair lift
closed 11 Hochzellerbahn 2 seater char lift
closed 12 Kettingbahn 6 seater chair lift
closed 13 Glocknerbahn 8 seater chair lift
closed 16 Hahnkopflift T-bar lift
closed 17 Kapellenbahn 4 seater chair lift
closed 18 Schmidolinlift T-bar lift
closed 19 Fallegglift T-bar lift
closed 20 Osthanglift T-bar lift
closed 21 Schmiedhoflift T-bar lift
closed 22 Hochmaisbahn 6 seater chair lift
closed 23 Bambilift T-bar lift
closed 24 Schmidolins Zauberteppich Conveyor belt
closed 25 Enzianlift T-bar lift
closed 26 Ebenbergbahn 2 seater char lift
closed 27 Schmidolins Drachentunnel Conveyor belt
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Status Pistes
closed 1 Breiteckpiste
closed 1 Breiteckpiste
closed 2 Hirschkogelpiste
closed 2 Hirschkogelpiste
closed 3 Glocknerwiese
closed 3a Skiweg Glocknerwiese
closed 4 Schüttabfahrt
closed 4a Skiweg Schüttabfahrt
closed 4b Skiweg Schüttabfahrt
closed 4c Skiweg Schüttabfahrt
closed 5 Nordabfahrt
closed 5a Skiweg Nord
closed 5b Skiweg Nord
closed 5 Nordabfahrt
closed 6 Rennstrecke
closed 6 Slalomhang
closed 7 Zeller Skiweg
closed 8 Kapellenpiste
closed 8 Kapellenpiste
closed Hahnkopf-Piste
closed 9 Kettingpiste
closed 9a Skiweg Kapellen
closed 9b Skiweg Ketting
closed 9 Kettingpiste
closed 10 Hochzellerpiste
closed 11 Skiweg Sonnengrat
closed 12 Sonnengratpiste
closed 13 Standard Abfahrt
closed 14 Trass Abfahrt
closed 15 Sonnkogelpiste
closed 15 Sonnkogelpiste
closed 16 Alte Hochmaispiste
closed 17 Osthangpiste
closed 18 Schmiedhofpiste
closed 19 Neue Hochmaispiste
closed 20 Südabfahrt
closed 21 Tannwaldabfahrt
closed X1 Breiteck Route
closed X2 Ketting Route
closed X3 Sonnengrat Route
closed X4 Viehhofen-Abfahrt
closed X5 Sonnkogel Route
closed X6 Rodeo - Buckelpiste
closed X7 Eiskanal Route
closed X8 Kanonenrohr Route
closed Fallegglift piste
closed Schmidolinlift piste
closed Enzianlift piste
closed Dragon tunnel piste
closed Magic Carpet piste
closed Bambilift piste
closed Connection Pinzgauer Hütte
closed Ronachkopf - Skitouren & Snowshoe hiking
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Status Highlight Type
closed Nightslope facility.infrastructure.type.
closed Audi Ski Run Race track
closed Skimovie-Track Race track
closed Snowpark Piste with fun elements
closed Funslope XXL Piste with fun elements
closed Kidsslope Slope for kids
closed Schmidolins Dragon Park Slope for kids
closed 27 Winter Hiking Track Plettsaukopf Hiking trail
closed 28 Panorama Winter Hiking Track Hiking trail