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Extract of the general terms of business

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Any verification for reduced skipasses has to be shown at the cash desk/to be kept in evidence in case of skipasscontrol.

Ticket system

All tickets, except for baby lifts in the valley areas, are issued as a KeyCard. This enables no-touch use in the ski area, without bothersome insertion of cards at lift entrances. The required KeyCard deposit is EUR 2.–. Undamaged KeyCards can be re­turned to any ski pass ticket window, any KeyCard return machine, to any of the service network shops or to many participating hosts.


No-touch entry with KeyCard

Do not enter any ski area with two valid ski tickets. If you do, one day will be charged to each ticket.


Period of validity

Your ski pass is valid during the published operating hours of the respective ski area. In case of technical difficulties, storms or extraordinary weather conditions, lack of snow, etc. or in case of threatening congestion of the ski area, we reserve the right to close a given area or ski run and/or to permit a contingent to enter and/or to stop sales of ski passes. In such a case, no claims for a refund, replacement or extension are honoured.


Expiration of validity

Days on which the ski area have not been utilised lose their validity. They are not refunded, replaced or credited in any way.



Any and all abuses of the use of ski passes or season tickets, including use by another person, will be punished. The result: withdrawal without replacement of the ski pass and/or season ticket, a fine (financial penalty) plus the price of a day ticket for the ski area will be charged. We reserve the right to press criminal charges.


Refund of ski passes (as of 2 days)

Refunds for unused days of skiing in the event of accident or illness for ski passes valid for a min. of two days are possible when the ski pass is immediately returned to one of the ticket windows along with a medical certificate of a local doctor. Please note: no refund due to inclement weather or limited operating conditions.


Refund of season tickets

Refunds are only possible in the event of ski accidents/injuries. Any refunds are acts of generosity and do not base a legal title for the future.  The season pass and a medical certificate of a local doctor are to be submitted immediately. No refunds for season tickets after February, 28th.


Exchange of tickets & ticket replacement

Exchange of tickets, ticket transfer to another person, extensions of validity and postponement of the period of validity are not possible. Tickets which have been lost or forgotten are not replaced. The loss of a season ticket can be reported to any ticket window. Upon identification proof, the season ticket is cancelled and a new one reissued one day after the report of loss at earliest, after payment of a processing charge of EUR 15.00. Every ticket holder must safeguard the ticket in such a way that others have no access to it.



Use of ski buses in Zell am See and Kaprun and between both regions is free with a valid ski pass (labeled BUS); in Zell am See, it is also possible with a ski deposit key or sticker. For Ski Alpin Cards and Super Ski Cards, the regulations of each respective ski area are applicable.


General terms of conveyance

The general terms of conveyance for each lift system used are published and/or posted. They are mandatory for all users of the lift system. In order to avoid endangering others, all the instructions of lift system personnel must be heeded without exception. In case of non-compliance, the ticket is withdrawn.


Important notice

We make great efforts to insure your safety. We request your patience in case sales limitations or conveyance reductions occur due to extraordinary weather conditions or operational circumstances.

The individual services to which this ticket entitles its owner are provided by companies which are legally independent of one another. The company which sells the ticket is only the representative of the company responsible for supplying the services. Thus, only the respective company is responsible for providing the actual services; only that company is liable for claims or damages in case of incidents.

The free accessibility of the forest demands a great sense of responsibility and the obligation to protect it. According to the laws which govern Austria’s forests, use of winter sports equipment in the forest and in the vicinity of the lifts is only permissible on marked pistes and ski routes. It is prohibited to enter forestry management areas where the tree height is less than 3 metres, as it is to discard refuse and cigarettes. Failure to comply will result in the filing of a criminal complaint and revocation of the ski pass without compensation.Special tickets for pedestrians are only valid for transportation without winter sports equipment. Pedestrians may not enter the ski slopes. Tobogganing is not permitted on the ski slopes.


Rescue service

Please note that a rescue fee will be charged (depending on the time and effort involved). Our ski patrol and rescue service supervises only marked and open slopes – other areas used at your own risk!


Skitouring at the pistes of Schmitten

Ski slopes are predominantly available for users of cable cars and other lifts to ski down, before taking the lifts back up the mountain again.  Get more information about skitouring at Schmitten pistes.


Closure of runs

Please consider the operating hour of the lifts and cable cars – on the notice board. Outside the operating hours the slopes are closed and will be carefully preperated. In this time the skiing area is not organized and there is no protection of danger. Take care of track grooves, winch ropes, bare cables and hoses of snowguns.


Information according to GDPDR for photo compare

It should be noted that a reference photo of a lift card holder is taken when he/she passes through a turnstile equipped with a camera – for the purpose of access control. This reference photo is compared with further photos, by lift staff, of the person walking through other camera-equipped turnstiles. The reference photo is deleted immediately after the expiry of the validity of the lift pass. The other photos are deleted 30 minutes after each passage through a turnstile, unless there is misuse of the lift pass.
It should be noted that the possibility also exists of purchasing lift tickets which are technically configured so that no photo is made when passing through a turnstile. In these cases, however, spot checks by the lift staff must be reckoned with.


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