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Mountainbiking on the Schmittenhöhe

Mountainbiking on the Schmittenhöhe

Panorama bike route on Zell’s landmark mountain

In harmony with nature, the landowners and all Schmitten guests on the mountain. Therefore, please note that cycling and mountain biking on the Schmittenhöhe is only permitted on designated and appropriately signposted routes!

Hard Facts

for Mountainbiking on the Schmittenhöhe

  • Bike transfer price € 10,00 per  bike
  • Please only drive on the green and correspondingly signposted routes!
  • Anyone who rides a bicycle or mountain bike away from the approved routes generally acts at their own risk and must expect administrative penalties as well as civil law suits from the landowners (e.g. due to property damage).
  • The roadway is an operational area. Expect timber on the roadway, grazing cattle and motor vehicle traffic. Pay special attention to motor vehicles and pedestrians.

  • Reduce your travel speed in front of blind or dangerous areas.

  • Only bicycling with appropriately equipped bicycles (bicycle definition according to the road traffic regulations) and suitable for the respective route is permitted. Cycling children up to 12 years of age must wear appropriate protective equipment in accordance with the bicycle helmet obligation according to the road traffic regulations.

Thank you for your understanding and have fun on the Schmittenhöhe!

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