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on the Schmitten in Zell am See

Kidsslope on the Schmittenhöhe

Adventure area for little daredevils

The Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See offers various areas that are adapted to the needs of families and young skiers. At the Kidsslope ski area, your little ones are perfectly cared for – from their first attempts on skis to safe descents in powder snow … 

Kids’ paradise on the Schmittenhöhe

The Schmitten in Zell am See lives up to its nickname of “the Pinzgau’s family mountain” in multiple ways. Little dragon Schmidolin ensures fun and action both on and off the slopes. And the Kidsslope at Glocknerwiese offers diverse attractions for future ski stars as well. Beginner or young pro: The designated kids’ and youth offers on the “sun child” of the Alps are fun for all youngsters! 

The Kidsslope at Glocknerwiese

The Kidsslope is exactly what its name suggests: a special adventure world for young skiers. They can experience one snow adventure after the next on the Glocknerwiese on Zell’s landmark mountain. Fun and action guaranteed thanks to …

  • obstacles 
  • waves 
  • tunnels 
  • slalom courses 

Additionally, kids learn about the fascinating story of Schmidolin, the Schmitten dragon, along the way. Skiing no matter the weather? Of course! Once they’re on the Kidsslope, chances are they won’t want to leave again … 

Schmidolin’s winter on the Schmittenhöhe

Talking about Schmidolin: It’s impossible to imagine the Schmitten without him! Young skiers can look forward to his Dragon Park and Kinder-Skiland. And if you like, you can become a member of his fan club as well. That should be reason enough for your little ones to want to visit the dragon-tastic kids’ areas on Zell’s landmark mountain … 

A look into the adventure world for little skiers

A picture is worth a thousand words! And if you can’t picture the Kidsslope on the Schmittenhöhe yet, you’ll get a better idea by watching the following video! Get off the lift, onto the slope and into child-appropriate winter fun. Three, two, one – let’s go! 

Schmitten ticket tip for kids and teenagers

A day on the Kidsslope at an amazing price of only EUR 15? What sounds almost unbelievable is possible thanks to the Junior Xplore youth ski pass! Every Saturday from the start of the winter season, kids and teenagers under 19 benefit from this fantastic offer. You plan on visiting the Schmitten as a school group? Have a look at the special group prices on Zell’s landmark mountain as well!