Interactive ski map
... for your winter adventures on the Schmitten

Interactive ski map

Important information at a glance

With the interactive ski map and our digital piste map, you can keep track of where everything is at all times. One click is enough, and you’ll know where each ski run and lift is located. And thanks to our webcams, you can also see what the weather is like at Schmitten ski resort, even before you arrive here.

What’s more, you’ll find information about the huts and restaurants as well as sports & leisure-time offers.

Piste map

Together safely through winter

If we help together and observe a few important measures together, nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable winter. We have summarized everything for you regarding safety and hygiene measures, the COVID-19 code of conduct, as well as some innovations such as the occupancy barometer, frequency cams or parking space occupancy.

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