Schmitten Offroad Park
The crawler park for all model car fans!


Schmitten Offroad Park

The crawler park for all model car fans

How about some thrilling RC truck action on the Schmitten? Kids and those young at heart will be delighted to find an off-road park of the extraordinary kind near the areitXpress mountain station. With remote-controlled model cars, also called "crawlers", you can master a perfectly designed obstacle course.

Equipped with a handy remote control, a robust rock crawler model vehicle, and the knowledge of how to use it, you’ll be ready to give it a try. Fun and action guaranteed!

Off-road course at the areitXpress mountain station

... Ramps, inclines & more.

At the crawler park, it’s all in your hands! Or to be specific: The remote control for the robust Traxxas model cars  is. With a bit of dexterity, visitors of all ages can manoeuvre the vehicles through the varied obstacle course.

You’ll be amazed at how much fun it is to drive your RC truck skilfully through the course consisting of bridges, ramps, and even a seesaw. But keep in mind: Please be sure to always follow the designated route with your model car and stay on the paved trail next to the course.

The crawlers:

... easy handling and long-lasting driving pleasure.

The crawlers and their corresponding remote control are particularly easy to use. You don't need any prior knowledge or experience in handling remote-controlled model cars.

This makes it easy for children and the inexperienced to quickly discover the joy of off-road driving. The small trucks are also extremely robust and unlikely to fall over. Powerful batteries ensure long-lasting driving fun!

More information

The Schmitten Offroad Park in a nutshell

  • vehicles: six remote-controlled Traxxas-brand crawlers (from the USA) equipped with a rechargeable battery – perfect for a shared experience with your family or friends
  • location: The crawler park is located next to the areitXpress mountain station – near the E-Motocross Park
  • opening times: daily during the opening hours of the E-Motocross Park
  • price: EUR 11.00 for 20 minutes of driving time
  • suitable for: kids and those young at heart (no age limit)
  • safety: To avoid injury of any kind, please do not step on the course and do not drive your crawler against other people!

Terms of use: Our Offroad Park team will give you detailed instructions on how to use the course and the vehicles. Instruction takes place at the containers in the E-Motocross Park. Please note that the park may only be used with a rented crawler.

Good to know: The Offroad Park is closed during heavy rain. Our webcams will keep you up to date on the current weather conditions on the Schmitten. Just have a look before you head up the mountain! The Offroad Park team is looking forward to your visit – and the batteries of your crawler are already being charged! Because in case you didn’t know: All the crawlers are fully electric and very powerful.