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Herb Trail
on the Schmittenhöhe


The Herb Trail on the Schmittenhöhe

Go searching for wild-grown herbs

Mountain pasture hay, larch sap, mosses … Have you caught a whiff of the Pinzgau’s scent already? If not, you’ve got a chance to do so on the Herb Trail of the Schmittenhöhe! That’s where you can not only smell nature, but taste and feel it too! Experience the sunny side of the Smitten with all senses …

The Herb Trail on the Schmitten

From the meadow right onto your plate: At the Herb Trail in Zell am See, you’ll find plenty of tasty herbs! In the area surrounding Sonnkogel Restaurant, the motto is: back to nature! A diligently created circular route with info boards, a savouring spot, the Mountain-Aroma scent station and regional herb cuisine: All that and more turns an excursion to the Schmittenhöhe into a unique hiking experience for both little and grown-up gourmets.   

Facts about the Herb Trail

  • Difficulty: easy family hike 
  • Duration: about 1 hour
  • Elevation loss: 154 m during the descent
  • Start: Schmittenhöhe
  • Destination: Sonnkogel
  • Tips: stop at Berghotel Schmittenhöhe Restaurant; stop at Hochzeller Alm; stop at Sonnkogel Restaurant; park at Schmittenhöhe cable car station; the trail can be hiked in the reverse direction as well 

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Herb knowledge from A to Z

Yarrow is said to protect you from black magic. Buckhorn is an ancient remedy for insect bites. Dandelion, stinging nettle and the like add a special flavour to every dish. Did you know? You can learn about these and other interesting facts on the Herb Trail in Zell am See. Soon, you’ll be an expert in herbs too! Convenient: During a stop at Sonnkogel Restaurant, you can taste some of the local herb delicacies right away! Most of the culinary herbs grow in the four big raised beds along the Herb Trail. By the way: Project “Kraut & Ruam – a herb experience on the Sonnkogel” was awarded Salzburg’s Regionalitätspreis (regionality award) in summer of 2016. 

Become an expert in herbs on the Schmitten

Experience the herbs of Zell am See with all senses – especially with your eyes, nose and mouth! Visit this educational hiking trail on the Schmitten with the whole family and expand your knowledge of herbs. 

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