Activities aside the slopes

Looking for skiing alternatives at the Schmittenhöhe?

You like to explore the Schmittenhöhe aside the slopes? No problem! If you are interested in art, you can explore the exhibiton "Art on the mountain" which shows many different sculptures in an amazing scenery.

It is also possible to do a ski tour on the Ronachkopf. From this mountain you also enjoy many panorama views. Furthermore, winter hiking tours -either in a group or by ones own - are always valued by guests as hikes give the opportunity to explore the Schmittenhöhe.

Winter hiking

Winter hiking tours at Schmitten – guided or on one's own initiative.

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Ski touring 

Why a skitour at Ronachkopf is it worth? Not only for the numerous panorama views!

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Art on the mountain

A unique experience with numerous panorama points at Schmitten!

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