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Here is where to find all the details about prices, season dates, combination tickets and the wide range of cablecar tickets and boat cruise prices. Prices and details for groups are graspable at a glance, clearly depicted on one page, so are the prices for paragliding and hang gliders. At the Gift Certificate Shop, gift certificates can be purchased quickly and easily online.

Tickets & prices

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Hang-glider and Paraglider prices

Special Tickets for paragliders you find here.

Sprung in den Zeller See

Hike & swim ticket

Enjoy the region Zell am See-Kaprun!

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View of lake Zell | © Schmittenhöhebahn AG

Summer Card

Enjoy added value at your summer holiday? No problem with the Summer Card of Zell am See.

couple enjoying the nature at Schmittenhöhe

Gift shop

Special gifts: How about a summer adventure?

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couble drinks coffee at sundeck lounge at MS Schmittenhöhe, lake Zell

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Discover lake Zell by ship – panorama cruises, lake crossings and charter.

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