Guided Hikes

Hiking programme at Schmitten in Zell am See - Kaprun

Even if you enjoy hiking alone, going on a group hike with a trained guide can be very stimulating and lots of fun. He passes on insider knowledge and useful tips. The best method: study the weekly programme and decide on your preferred guided hike. Or else, just try them all out. Your efforts will be rewarded, that is for sure. By the way, with a valid cablecar ticket, guided hikes are free. 

Programme guided hikes


Nearby summit bliss
from 17.06. to 09.09.2019

meeting point: 9.15 am, Schmittenhöhebahn valley station
duration: 4 h

Starting from the Schmittenhöhebahn's Mountain Station, you go step by step up to the summit of the Maurerkogel at 2,074m altitude, neighbouring to the Schmittenhöhe. The reward for this strenuous ascent is not long in coming. After a 1.5 hour hike, you are rewarded at the summit with an unlimited view of the most famous mountains in the Pinzgau region.


Mountain pasture hike Hochsonnbergalm
from 18.06. to 10.09.2019

meeting point: 9.15 am, Schmittenhöhebahn valley station
duration: 5 h

This comfortable 1½ hour hike leads across picturesque Pinzgau to the Hochsonnbergalm, with special mountain hut and pasture tours showing Alpine farm operations, the cattle, the dairy and life on the Alps.


Yoga at the mountain
from 03.07. to 28.08.2019

meeting point: 8.30 am, Schmittenhöhebahn valley station
duration: 2 h

Yoga enthusiasts, and those who want to be, gather in the beautiful mountain air, between the fragrant Alpine meadows and mountain herbs for group Yoga classes. These Yoga lessons train strength, flexibility and balance and bring mind and body into harmony using breathing exercises and meditation. With Yoga teacher Monika Rauter.


Yodeling at the mountain with Thomas Reitsamer
from 20.06. to 12.09.2019

meeting point: 10.00 am at Schmitten Café
duration: 1,5 h

In the Yodel workshop on the mountain, participants learn special breathing techniques in addition to the "Juchizen" and are taught about the history of Yodelling and the various kinds of Yodelling. With Thomas Reitsamer of the Pingzau Yodel School.


4 lakes art hike
from 21.06. to 13.09.2019

meeting point: 9.45 am, Schmittenhöhebahn valley station
duration: 4 h

Guests will find combined hiking and art enjoyment during the "4 Lakes Art Walk". After the ride up on the Schmittenhöhebahn cable car, this hike leads approx. two hours downhill past various sculptures and idyllic natural reservoirs. Valley ride with the cityXpress.