The Schmittenhöhe for hikers

The Schmittenhöhe for hikers

Exploring Zell’s landmark mountain on foot

You’re wondering what hikers can look forward to on the Schmitten? A lot – that’s for sure! From A like adventure to Z like Zell am See Summer Card. Find out ahead of your hiking holiday what the region of Zell am See-Kaprun holds in store for hiking fans …

Off to Zell am See – and into the Schmitten hiking paradise 

Be it for a day, a holiday or year-round: Start every hike on the “sun child” of the Alps perfectly prepared! Find out how you can reach the Schmittenhöhe by car or public transport. It also never hurts to know the weather forecast. A look at the webcams and the interactive hiking map takes you one step closer to your hiking tour.

Hiking map

Hiking routes on the Schmitten for every taste

Whether you’d like to learn about the leisure activities of Empress Elisabeth of Austria or the particularities of local herbs: On several routes, different themes have been creatively realised. Hike in the footsteps of notable characters that have shaped the region of Zell am See-Kaprun. Lovers of the arts can find a special hiking trail on Zell’s landmark mountain as well.

The High-Altitude Promenade is an especially family-friendly hiking trail with a stunning view. If you would like to switch your perspective, visit the Maurerkogel, the Schmittenhöhe’s neighbouring summit. A little more than a casual hike: that’s what the long-distance route “Pinzgauer Spaziergang” is. Schmidolin’s Baptism of Fire trail is tons of fun for all ages. 

Summer huts and mountain restaurants for hiking breaks

Up on the summit or after returning to the valley: At some point, every hiker gets hungry! The variety of huts and mountain restaurants on the Schmitten offers something for every taste. Savour your way through Salzburg’s delicacies or enjoy a traditional Wiener Schnitzel. As a sweet dessert, how about some apple strudel or homemade cakes? 

The nice thing about summer: At many of the restaurants and huts, you can sit out on a spacious sun deck – and enjoy the stunning mountain panorama while soaking up the sun! 

The Schmittenhöhe and its stunning scenic views 

Aside from a break at one of the huts, what else is an absolute must during every hike on the Schmitten? That’s right, a photo to prove you were there! And, of course, it should be as beautiful and impressive as possible. The region of Zell am See-Kaprun offers the perfect setting for some great holiday snapshots. The question is: Where can you find the best photo locations? 

Mountain or lake? How about both! The panorama up on the Schmittenhöhe leaves nothing to be desired! The mountain station of the Schmittenhöhebahn and the High-Altitude Promenade are among the top scenic-view locations on Zell’s landmark mountain. If you prefer to have your picture taken rather than releasing the shutter yourself, there are two Photo Points where you can do so: at Sonnkogel Restaurant and Schmitten Café. A family tip for amazing snapshots is Plettsaukopf reservoir pond.

Variety during a summer holiday on Zell’s landmark mountain

Even on your hiking holiday, you might not always be in the mood for a hike. Maybe your last tour was a little harder than you expected, or you just crave some variety? On the Schmitten in Zell am See, you can spend an unforgettable summer on the mountain – away from the hiking trails as well. 

Challenge your loved ones to a game of disc golf! Take a boat tour on Lake Zell! Or go on a thrilling tandem paragliding flight! The E-Motocross Park promises lots of fun and action as well. That’ll leave you with hardly any time to miss your beloved hiking boots. And after one of these special experiences, you’ll be excited and ready for your next hiking adventure again – promise! 

Bad-weather alternatives in Zell am See-Kaprun 

You’d love to explore the mountain, but the weather isn’t playing along? Even on rainy days, hiking and mountain fans definitely won’t get bored! Start your day with a breakfast at the areitLounge – fantastic views of the stunning mountain panorama included! Coffee and cake at Schmitten Café and the “areit1400” family exhibition are two great options for an exciting afternoon on the mountain. 

If you would still like to be active and explore the region, read more about the numerous bad-weather alternatives in the Pinzgau … 


Take the cable car to the starting point of your hike

Next stop: cable car station! All five access cable cars on the Schmittenhöhe are open in summer as well. Many of the hikes start directly at the mountain stations. Find out more about the prices for cable car and lift rides up and down the mountains. There are also great special offers like the Last Minute, Summiteer and Adventure Ticket.

Tip: If you want to hike and also go on a boat tour, you can choose from the combo-tickets for the Schmitten in Zell am See! We recommend having a look at which lift facilities are open. 

Adventure cards for even more hiking fun

Hiking is one of the main things you want to do on your summer holiday? Then you should consider purchasing a HIKE Alpin Card! This and several other adventure cards ensure even more variety on your summer holiday – as well as for excursions to the Zell am See-Kaprun region throughout the remainder of the year. 

Choose from one of the following offers: 

  • HIKE Alpin Card: a jam-packed hiking schedule – all summer long 
  • Zell am See-Kaprun Summer Card: perfect for all those who don’t just use the cable cars and lifts on the Schmitten but want to visit other attractions in the region as well 
  • 365 Action ALPIN CARD or 365 Classic ALPIN CARD: hiking in summer and skiing in winter – experience Zell’s landmark mountain from its athletic side 365 days a year!

Hiking – with the whole family and in winter

The Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See is a hiking paradise. Only in summer? Far from it! Find out more about the various winter hiking and snowshoe hiking routes! Since the Schmitten is the Pinzgau’s family mountain, young hikers can look forward to a number of child-friendly themed trails. That’s where kids – and probably Mum and Dad as well – can learn a lot about Salzburg’s nature.

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