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In our online ticket shop you have the choice between day and multi-day tickets, season tickets, enjoyment- and adventure tickets for our events as well as vouchers.

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Real-time Information

Here you will find all information about the current occupancy and the open slopes and facilities at a glance!

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Frequency cams

Overview of the current frequency in the queuing areas

Here you can see the current number of guests in the queuing areas. Our frequency cams are available at the valley stations areitXpress, cityXpress, trassXpress and zellamseeXpress.

Utilization of the car parks

Check out the current occupancy level of the car parks.

areitXpress (1700 parking spaces)
Schmittenhöhebahn, trassXpress, Sonnenalmbahn (250 parking spaces)
zellamseeXpress (300 parking spaces)